Fist Factory

Fist Factory
When: 1st Sunday of the month
Time: 15:00 – 20:00
Entrance: 10 Euro + (min. 2 drinks)

The most popular Fist Party in Amsterdam. Lots of space to play, check out our Fist & Fuck Launcher (for 4 guys in a row), slings and other places to have intense action.


Disinfection Gel, Soap and Spray and much much more.
Including free wardrobe

Things you must know:

Entrance  10 Euro, (min. 2 drinks)

  • Please bring ID and vaccination proof or negative test result (QR code). This guideline was decided by the Government, if it is good or not?, if it is useful or not? We don’t discuss about it. Do we have to follow that rule as a bar? YES we do!
  • Use newspapers when you start fisting and put it on the floor where you are playing
  • When you finished throw the newspapers in the trasbin and clean your place for the others, you like to have a clean spot for yourself as well right?
  • Do not use drugs!
  • Anal shower only very limited possible (just to check, not a whole cleaning, cold water)