Fist Factory

Fist Factory
When: 1st Sunday of the month
Time: 15:00 – 20:00
Entrance: 10 Euro (min. 2 drinks p.p.)

The most popular Fist Party in Amsterdam. Lots of space to play, check out our Fist & Fuck Launcher (for 4 guys in a row), slings and other places to have intense action.


Disinfection Gel, Soap and Spray and much much more.
Including free wardrobe

Things you must know:

Entrance  10 Euro, (min. 2 drinks)

  • Use newspapers when you start fisting and put it on the floor where you are playing
  • When you finished throw the newspapers in the trash bin and clean your place for the others, you like to have a clean spot for yourself as well right?
  • Do not use drugs!
  • Bring your own flush-bulb or buy one at the bar for a quick check, there is no anal douche facility present!