We are open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 20:00. These are limited opening hours during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are no extra events organized at the moment like; Fist Factory, Naked Dark Cruising, Golden Shower and Fuckboxxx. READ MORE ABOUT THE COVID-19 REGULATIONS!


1st Sunday of the Month

FIST FACTORY  |  15:00-20:00

Fist Factory at the Dirty Dicks is the longest running and most wanted fist party in Amsterdam. Extra slings, benches and more in a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

(check Agenda during covid-19)

2nd Sunday of the Month

NAKED DARK CRUISING  |  16:00-20:00

What is a better way to spend your Sunday afternoon then the Naked Dark Cruising at Dirty Dicks? Naked in almost darkness, just enough to see and have fun.

(check Agenda during covid-19)

Last Thursday of the Month

GOLDEN SHOWER  |  21:00-01:00

YES! This is for sure the best Golden Shower party in Europe. Wet area’s, bathtub and much more. So what are you waiting for? Cum and take a shower.

(check Agenda during covid-19)


  • (CLOSED) Monday until Wednesday – (due to Covid-19 / temporarily)
  • Thursday | 20:00-03:00
  • Friday & Saturday | 20:00-04:00
  • Sunday | 20:00-03:00

Dirty Dicks is open 7 days a week! From Monday until Thursday we are open from 20:00-03:00, Friday and Saturday from 20:00-04:00 and Sunday from 20:00-03:00.

No Saturday & Sunday Afternoon parties at the moment! Due to Covid-19 we are not able yet to organize day-time events like the Fist Factory, Naked Dark Cruising and the Fuckboxxx. Please visit our Agenda to stay updated when we start again with the special events.

Dress Code?

Think FETISH!! Dirty Dicks does not have a strict dress code. We want guys to enjoy the men, music and refreshments of the Dirty Dicks and for our community to feel welcome and safe. Dirty Dicks is a fetish bar and in general these bars have an expectation of a certain type of atmosphere. Most come to a fetish bar looking for certain types of men.

Some suggestions about what our visitors like to see men wear: Jeans, Leather, Rubber, Latex, Neoprene, Uniforms, Army, Construction, Chains, Jackets, Underwear, Overalls, Vests, Shirtless, Harness, Chaps, Breeches, Gas Masks, Jockstraps, Boots, etc…

But also people in wearing casual will be seen in the Dirty Dicks, bermuda’s, flip flops and other during the night and weekend are slightly seen in the Dirty Dicks. So put on your hottest clothes.


  • Bar
  • Darkroom on 2 floors
  • Cabins
  • Glory Holes
  • Fist and Fuck Launcher
  • Bathtub (Golden Shower Fall)
  • A great wet area
  • Slings & Andreas Cross
  • Free condoms and lube at all times


Dirty Dicks Amsterdam

Warmoesstraat 86
1012 JH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Click here for contact & Map


Established in 1974, we’re one of the oldest Gay and fitsh minded Bar institution in Amsterdam. Located in the Centre of Amsterdam in the Warmoesstraat close to Eagle Amsterdam and RoB. Dirty Dicks is a cozy bar with darkroom on 2 floors. We have slings, cabins, glory holes, benches and much more.

We want guys to enjoy the men, music and refreshments of
the Dirty Dicks and for our community to feel welcome and safe.



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